onsdag den 14. september 2011

Flash is coming to your Iphone

That's because Flash manufacturer Adobe last week launched an update to Flash Media Server which now has support for streaming Flash videos to Apple IOS Devices

Prolonged Flash game

Apple and Adobe have otherwise not been best friends since Apple opened to support for Adobe Flash in the IOS system.

Apple said that Adobe was full of mistakes and really just bad technology grinded too much battery life and represented a security risk on your Apple devices.

Therefore, Apple has asked developers to concentrate on applications with open standards such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML 5 rather than looking at the Flash apps.

Running Apple's protocol
Adobe has apparently taken the criticism to himself and now supports Apple's IOS in its latest version of Flash Media Server 4.5.

This means that it is possible to stream video to IOS devices like the iPhone and iPad using Apple's protocol, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

Adobe Flash support for IOS is only about the video while it still will not be possible to stream ads or games developed in Flash.

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