torsdag den 22. september 2011

Al Gore announces Iphone 5?

At a speech he gave at a conference in South Africa it seems that he gave too much away..

 In an offhand remark he said: "Not to talk about the new iPhones coming next month" and then he added: "That was a plug" - an advertisement in the sense of giving favorable coverage of any product when speak publicly.

The question is how much to put in this. There are persistent rumors that there is a new iPhone in October, and there are persistent rumors that there are two models - a cheaper version of the current iPhone 4 and a new model, which in all probability will be called iPhone 4s or iPhone fifth

tirsdag den 20. september 2011

iPhone 5 may be banned in Europe

The war between Samsung and Apple is escalating and it may have consequences for the launch of Apple's long awaited iPhone 5 in Europe, Samsung will attempt to have it stopped.

Samsung is considering to go to court to get the next version of the popular smartphone prohibited and may be the South Korean company's strongest weapon against Apple's allegations that Samsung should have copied the American giant.

Sources have indicated to Reuters that they refused to elaborate how Samsung is going to try to get banned iPhone 5, but according to the South Korean newspaper Maeil Business Samsung will probably try to get the popular smartphone banned in Europe

onsdag den 14. september 2011

Flash is coming to your Iphone

That's because Flash manufacturer Adobe last week launched an update to Flash Media Server which now has support for streaming Flash videos to Apple IOS Devices

Prolonged Flash game

Apple and Adobe have otherwise not been best friends since Apple opened to support for Adobe Flash in the IOS system.

Apple said that Adobe was full of mistakes and really just bad technology grinded too much battery life and represented a security risk on your Apple devices.

Therefore, Apple has asked developers to concentrate on applications with open standards such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML 5 rather than looking at the Flash apps.

Running Apple's protocol
Adobe has apparently taken the criticism to himself and now supports Apple's IOS in its latest version of Flash Media Server 4.5.

This means that it is possible to stream video to IOS devices like the iPhone and iPad using Apple's protocol, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

Adobe Flash support for IOS is only about the video while it still will not be possible to stream ads or games developed in Flash.

tirsdag den 13. september 2011

Iphone is for old people?

According to an HTC boss Iphone has lost its coolness because the only ones who uses it are the parents.

What do you say?

At the Mobile Future Forward conference HTC's chief in the U.S., Martin Fichter, among other things, spoke about all the hype around the upcoming version of the iPhone.

In this context he talked about that the iPhone has lost his coolness. Not because it's not a good phone, but because young people do not use it the same extent that they use for example Android phones:

"Macbook Air is cool, the iPhone is not so cool anymore. We use the iPhone, but our children do not think they're so cool anymore."

lørdag den 10. september 2011


With iTunes in The Cloud your iPhone or iPad are free to download music you have previously purchased through iTunes.

New music will be automatically downloaded to your Apple machines.

Apple will release a free, clodbaseret beta version of iTunes for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, running IOS 4.3.

Photo Stream
This service will automatically upload all pictures taken with the iPhone or iPad to icloud, then the images will be pushed out of ALL HOLDING your other Apple devices.

Are you taking such a picture with your iPhone, you will immediately see it on your IPAD

Photo Stream Storage
With Photo Stream, you can store 1,000 images on each of your Apple machines, and they can be stored permanently in an album.

With icloud you can save each image in the cloud for 30 days.

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Here are Apple´s new headquaters

What do you think? Would you work in a UFO?

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App flop of the year

Smartphones can help you record video, compose music and find the nearest restaurant.
But they can not cure acne, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission had to determine.
Developers of mobile applications that are claimed to treat acne, has reached a settlement in a case where the FTC charges developers for selling these apps without proof that they work as promised.
Under the proposed settlement prohibits sellers of Acne Pwner and AcneApp (among which is a dermatologist involved in AcneApp) to make allegations about the treatment of acne without scientific evidence, the FTC said Thursday.
"Smartphones make our lives easier in countless ways, but when it comes to treating acne, there is unfortunately no app for it," said Chairman of the FTC, Jon Leibowitz, said in a statement.
Both apps promised to treat acne by using colored light from the mobile device screen. App providers instructing users to keep the screen up in front of the affected skin area for a few minutes daily.
The case is the first that the FTC has brought against manufacturers of health-related apps in the mobile market.
Many have jumped taken in aAround 3,300 people, according to FTC paid just over five dollars for Acne Pwner on Google's Android Market, while about 11,600 have paid about 10 dollars for AcneApp on Apple's iTunes App Store.
"This app was developed by a dermatologist," claimed the developers of AcneApp.
"A study published by the British Journal of Dermatology shows that treatments with blue and red lights kill p-acne bacteria (which is a main cause of acne) and relieve acne by 76 percent."
Dermatologist dr. Gregory Pearson of Houston worked according to documents from the FTC developer Koby Brown to produce AcneApp. AcneApp received considerable media attention in late 2009 and early in the year 2010, just after the app was released, including the New York Times and on Fox News.
The claims of both apps to be able to cure acne are unsubstantiated, says the FTC. Brown and Pearson interprets the survey of British Journal of Dermatology about phototherapy wrong.
Light therapy may help in treating acne but not at low light intensity, as a smartphone emit, other dermatologists explained.

Oh noes lets not do it again - Iphone 5 MIA

Apple has reportedly lost a prototype of an entirely new iPhone model. The company is now looking to overcome the loss of development model back.

The prototype was allegedly lost by an employee at a bar in San Francisco and is akin to much of an earlier incident in which an Apple employee just lost an iPhone prototype.

According to Cnet an Apple employee lost the prototype in late July at a bar in San Francisco.

Apple made ​​allegedly the big apparatus in time when the company discovered that the prototype was gone, and put great resources to get the phone back

The Patent war goes to Japan this time around

This time is is Japan that host the bitter patent war between Apple and Samsung. This time, they require banning sales of certain Samsung products and a compensation.
In a retrial in the patent war currently raging across most of the world, Apple now that will put a stop to the sale of Samsung S Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 in Japan.

Already, Apple requires a compensation of 100 million yen, equivalent to 6.9 million from the Korean electronics giant Samsung, who earlier this year filed a lawsuit against Apple in Japan.

From January to March this year the Samsung S Galaxy sold better in Japan than Apple's iPhone.

The round curves belong to Apple

Apple has been upheld in court in their case against Samsung in Germany. Rounded corners and flat screens are reserved for Apple.
Court of Germany has chosen to maintain the national ban on the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

According to Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hoffmann's "Apple minimalist design is not the only technical solution to make a tablet computer, other designs are possible."

On top of that the judge mentions the iPads rounded corners, modern, minimalist design and flat screen in the decision.

The ban only applies to Germany, not for whole Europe, as Apple had hoped


Apple with 4G Technology?

An American website has received evidence that Apple is working on an iPhone that uses the 4G LTE technology with speeds of up to 150 megabits per second.
Apple is coming out with a iPhone that is able to send and receive data at speeds much faster than today. Boy Genius Report writes that the website has received files proving that Apple's iPhones with telecommunications companies are testing 4G LTE technology.

The discovery of the references to LTE does not mean that the iPhone 5 will come with the technology built. It is very possible that Apple is just working to integrate technology in upcoming models, such as 5S iPhone or iPhone 6th

New Iphone 5 look?

Icon from the new Apple software shows an iPhone, unlike some existing models with bigger screen and wider home button.
It could look as though Apple has accidentally come to reveal how the iPhone 5 will look like. The company has released a beta version of iPhoto application for developers who want to test how the photo collection can be controlled with the upcoming icloud service, and a pair of sharp eyes fell on an icon in the program that displays an iPhone with a somewhat different design.

We do not have much to go by, but it looks as though the phone has a bigger screen with less frame and then a home screen underneath that is not round, but appears to be elongated.

What do you think?


fredag den 9. september 2011

Welcome to my Blog

I love Iphones, they are the best. I have an Iphone 4 and I will buy the nr 5. When it comes out. The best thing about it is the ease of use.