tirsdag den 21. februar 2012

Apple TV and Mac Integration

10.8 Mountain Lion system update will bring down the barriers between HDTV and Mac

Mountain Lion will, with AirPlay be able to wirelessly broadcast their Mac desktop to Apple TV. This is the same ability as iPad user have for a long time. This is again a way that Apple takes features first used on their mobile devices and implemented them back on to the Mac.
AirPlay allows users to mirror whatever is displayed on their Mac Computer to their HDTV. All they needs it the Apple TV connected. Video streaming with audio will even scale what is on the users Mac appropriately. Apple announced that a more sharp image is possible if a resolution is chosen which is near the 720p out from Apple TV.

torsdag den 22. september 2011

Al Gore announces Iphone 5?

At a speech he gave at a conference in South Africa it seems that he gave too much away..

 In an offhand remark he said: "Not to talk about the new iPhones coming next month" and then he added: "That was a plug" - an advertisement in the sense of giving favorable coverage of any product when speak publicly.

The question is how much to put in this. There are persistent rumors that there is a new iPhone in October, and there are persistent rumors that there are two models - a cheaper version of the current iPhone 4 and a new model, which in all probability will be called iPhone 4s or iPhone fifth

tirsdag den 20. september 2011

iPhone 5 may be banned in Europe

The war between Samsung and Apple is escalating and it may have consequences for the launch of Apple's long awaited iPhone 5 in Europe, Samsung will attempt to have it stopped.

Samsung is considering to go to court to get the next version of the popular smartphone prohibited and may be the South Korean company's strongest weapon against Apple's allegations that Samsung should have copied the American giant.

Sources have indicated to Reuters that they refused to elaborate how Samsung is going to try to get banned iPhone 5, but according to the South Korean newspaper Maeil Business Samsung will probably try to get the popular smartphone banned in Europe

onsdag den 14. september 2011

Flash is coming to your Iphone

That's because Flash manufacturer Adobe last week launched an update to Flash Media Server which now has support for streaming Flash videos to Apple IOS Devices

Prolonged Flash game

Apple and Adobe have otherwise not been best friends since Apple opened to support for Adobe Flash in the IOS system.

Apple said that Adobe was full of mistakes and really just bad technology grinded too much battery life and represented a security risk on your Apple devices.

Therefore, Apple has asked developers to concentrate on applications with open standards such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML 5 rather than looking at the Flash apps.

Running Apple's protocol
Adobe has apparently taken the criticism to himself and now supports Apple's IOS in its latest version of Flash Media Server 4.5.

This means that it is possible to stream video to IOS devices like the iPhone and iPad using Apple's protocol, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

Adobe Flash support for IOS is only about the video while it still will not be possible to stream ads or games developed in Flash.

tirsdag den 13. september 2011

Iphone is for old people?

According to an HTC boss Iphone has lost its coolness because the only ones who uses it are the parents.

What do you say?

At the Mobile Future Forward conference HTC's chief in the U.S., Martin Fichter, among other things, spoke about all the hype around the upcoming version of the iPhone.

In this context he talked about that the iPhone has lost his coolness. Not because it's not a good phone, but because young people do not use it the same extent that they use for example Android phones:

"Macbook Air is cool, the iPhone is not so cool anymore. We use the iPhone, but our children do not think they're so cool anymore."

lørdag den 10. september 2011


With iTunes in The Cloud your iPhone or iPad are free to download music you have previously purchased through iTunes.

New music will be automatically downloaded to your Apple machines.

Apple will release a free, clodbaseret beta version of iTunes for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, running IOS 4.3.

Photo Stream
This service will automatically upload all pictures taken with the iPhone or iPad to icloud, then the images will be pushed out of ALL HOLDING your other Apple devices.

Are you taking such a picture with your iPhone, you will immediately see it on your IPAD

Photo Stream Storage
With Photo Stream, you can store 1,000 images on each of your Apple machines, and they can be stored permanently in an album.

With icloud you can save each image in the cloud for 30 days.

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Here are Apple´s new headquaters

What do you think? Would you work in a UFO?

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